Putting the FUN in function
2023 Design for Extreme Environment, NASA Johnston Space Station
Soften the Space Inbetween
2023 National Parking Day Installation
Flush Out
2022 Community Engagement Design for Gender Inclusive Signage
Giong Seng Music Fesitval Experience Designer
2021 Maharum Grant Internship with Taiwan Youth Association for Transitional Justice and Kiong Seng
Native Traditional Storytelling
2023 Experience Designer and Organizer
Day Break
2021 Honorable Mention of International Design Award. Packaging Desing for tea set with biomaterials
The Blobs of my
Design Principles
Inclusive Design
Collaborative Design
Playful Design
         Pei-Yu is an aspiring designer studying Industrial Design concentrating in Nature Culture Sustainability Studies and History Philosophy and Social Studies. Throughout her study, Pei-Yu is interested in sustainable practices, community engagement, and designing play spaces. Her design focues on pockets of stroytelling through play and enagement.
      Currently, she is working on her degree project, Don’t Grow Up, Age and Play. She hopes to design a playground installation designed for elders in senior assistance centers and image an aging future that is fun and playful!