How do we indigenize and illustrate a possibility of decolonization through storytelling?

Native Traditional Storytellng

2023 RISD x Storytelling lecture series and festival
An attempt to indigenize knowledge sharing through reciprocity and storytelling.

Mentor and Instructor: Dr. Angelo Baca (left)
Pei-Yu Hung ID 24’ (Experience Design, Organizer, Graphic Designer)
Andy (Andres) Guevara J+M 25’ (Event Assistant )

Graphics by Artists:
Waya Gary Keene 
Roger Fernandes 
Thank you to all the storytellers. 
Jonathan James Perry, Roger Fernandes, Fern Renville, Sunny Dooley, Waya Keene.
Without the generosity of them we wouldn’t be able to learn so much from the series. 

Taûbotneanawáyean/  Aatlein gunalchéesh / Kutâputôtamawush / A’he’hee / Pilamayaye / háʔnəŋcn/   haa shaam

Native Traditional Storytelling